Did You Know?

Nuun has:

  • Sampled over 400 gallons of Nuun (that’s over 1200 tablets) in one three-day event!
  • Hydrated cyclists on rides across Iowa, from Seattle to Portland, and across the United States aided thirsty Rock n’ Roll Marathoners in over 11 states
  • Sampled at some of the most prestigious sporting events in the world including the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, the Ironman World Championships, and the Tour of California
  • Supported events big and small, with participant numbers ranging from 60 to 60,000!
  • Hooped it up at the nation’s largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament
  • Supported events in extreme temperatures, wind, rain, humidity, tornado warnings
  • Heard Nuun pronounced in every way possible

Do you want to serve Nuun at your event? Good, because we want to keep your athletes hydrated!

If you are a race director - or involved in hosting or coordinating a sporting event - and want to serve Nuun as your event’s electrolyte replacement drink please apply to be part of our Race Director Program. Our Race Director Program was designed to make serving Nuun more accessible for all types of races and events, both large and small. Just fill out the downloadable form, email it back, and we’ll be in touch to provide all the electrolytes you need!


Want to know what events we’ll be at so you can sample flavors or stop by and say hi?

Here at Nuun, we love getting out there and hydrating all types of athletes. Check out the Nuun Blog to see the upcoming events where we'll be sampling, and mark your calendars so you can stop by to say hi. We look forward to seeing you!